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The Horticultural Institute of Southern California is a leader in the field of creative floral presentation. 

Robert and Roxanne DePalma, the founders of the H.I.S.C. institute are well regarded in the floral industry having been featured on national television and have been guest speakers at floral exhibitions around the world. Their primary goal has been to share their expertise in the realm of floral presentation so everyone can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers in their home or office.

We carry a line of Ultimate gardening and outdoor watering tools, the amazing Floral Arranger and the time and money saving Wash It Plus laundry line.

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NEW Ultimate Fireman's Hose Nozzle
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NEW Miracle Grilling Mat:
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NEW Miracle Baking Mat:
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NEW Ultimate Water Sprinkler Plus w/ Built-in Timer
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 SALE: Ultimate Hose Nozzle & Ultimate Water Hose Combo:
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SALE: Ultimate Watering Wand and Ultimate Hose Nozzle Combo:
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Ultimate Fireman's Hose Nozzle with Shutoff Valve: 
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The Original Garden Broom:
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 Ultimate Water Sprinkler:
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